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Stardust Arts
Celebrating 40 Years

1983 - 2023


Our History

The Stardust Mas and Pan Band was formed in 1983 by the late Randolph Baptiste after leaving Ebony Steelband, which he co-founded in the late 1960s. Randolph wanted to reach steelband music to the young children of this country. His wish was to give them something to do that was constructive, that would build confidence and would lead them in a way of thinking that would help their future. Randolph managed to establish a great band and with the talented young players, created a safe environment to learn. The band’s repertoire was varied and always well received by the public and other steel bands.

"Everyone should have a passion, it will change your life"

Randolph Baptiste

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Find Us

Hogarth Youth and Community Centre

Duke Road  London W4 2JR

Hogarth, London

Twyford Avenue Sports Ground Twyford Avenue Acton Greater London W3 9QA

WASPS FC Twyford Avenue Sports Ground

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Socails & Contacts

Tel: 07852285862

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