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The Stardust Mas and Pan Band was formed in 1983 by the late Randolph Baptiste after leaving Ebony Steelband, which he co-founded in the late 1960s. Randolph wanted to reach steelband music to the young children of this country. His wish was to give them something to do that was constructive, that would build confidence and would lead them in a way of thinking that would help their future. Randolph managed to establish a great band and with the talented young players, created a safe environment to learn. The band’s repertoire was varied and always well received by the public and other steel bands.


The band entered Panorama and experienced mixed results over the years. Randolph was also a carnival costume maker and with his daughter, Rhonda, made costumes for over 18 years in Stardust. Since Randolph’s passing in 2003, his children Rhonda, Adrian and Tara have carried on his legacy and are teaching children and adults music and arts through the steelpan and carnival costume traditions that they were brought up in.


Stardust welcomes anyone to come and join in on their fun!

Photographed: Randolph Baptiste


Meet the Organizers 

Here are the organizers who run

and manage Stardust.

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